We collaborate with diverse organizations at the community, district and national level.  The Preparation for Social Action (PSA) groups collaborate in their communities with local leaders and organizations in their efforts to work for the betterment of their communities.  Further, at the national level, Kimanya-Ngeyo Foundation collaborates with various national and international bodies for the effective implementation of the PSA program.


One of our main collaborators is the Foundation for the Application and Teaching of Sciences (FUNDAEC) based in Cali, Colombia, which developed and refined the curriculum of the “Preparation for Social Action” Program over decades. The program is considered widely accepted as a form of alternative education in Colombia and other South American countries, with tens of thousands of students.  FUNDAEC supports Kimanya in learning about the implementation of the PSA program. For further information, visit the FUNDAEC website Here

Another major collaborator of Kimanya-Ngeyo Foundation is the Unity Foundation based in Luxembourg. Unity Foundation has been providing financial and administrative support to the program since 2009. For more information about Unity Foundation, check their website Here

Another partner is the Uganda Baha'i Institute for Development, which works to empower people from all walks of life to take charge of the spiritual, social and intellectual development of their communities through a sequence of courses, developed by The Ruhi Institute (also based in Colombia) that strive to enhance community building capabilities such as conducting classes that nurture the education of children and junior youth and conduct devotional meetings. Many Preparation for Social Action students study this sequence of courses concurrently. For further information, visit the Uganda Bahai website Here and to know more about the Ruhi Institute, visit the site Here