The Preparation for Social Action (PSA) groups study a  curriculum, which seamlessly integrates study and social action.  The participants develop scientific, mathematical, technological, language capabilities, as well as get experience with specific areas of community development.

Some of the scientific and technological capabilities addressed include a deeper understanding of the processes of scientific investigation, with a special focus on agricuture, as well as the ability to make technological choices based on an understanding of each options advantages and disadvantages.

The mathematical capabilities focus on helping participants be adept at utilizing mathematical tools necessary for their everyday life, such as simple accounting, record keeping, quantity surveying, and classification.  The language capabilities develop abilities of expressing themselves clearly and concisely, as well as reading with comprehension.

The participants get throughout the curriculum opportunities to participate in community action.  In addition to the area of agriculture, they gain experience in community action in promotion of health, working with small children and environmental action.

The PSA groups, while following a formal and rigorous curriculum, study in informal settings, based on the reality and availabiliy of each particpant, and meet in a place suitable for their circumstances identified with the help of their community. The group typically meets 15 hours every week, and conduct regular community meetings to reflect and plan together with the general community.